Alternative #1: Change my existing account to a Professional account.




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    D. Nelson

    I love the idea of sharing and could see teachers giving families homework or things to practice together with their child.  I just updated my school web page and put a note about what we have been trying with MyTalk in my classes.  I will be interested in finding out if any parents invest in an iPad and MyTalk for their child.

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    Joanne Fry

    I definitely like being able to designate default boards for different users. but could this also happen with an assessment device? Would I be able to change the default board for a new user I'm assessing?

    Another question - what would be the subscription cost for the pro version?

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    Mytalk Support

    Yes, Assessment, individual users, curriculum, and different contexts, like class, gym, cafeteria.

    MyTalk Mobile pricing is not impacted by the professional Workspace account.  Workspace Professional launched at $111 for lifetime access and $52 for a yearly subscription.

    We will reassess as time goes on.

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    June Franklin

    The video explaining how to convert from a single user to multi-user was very clear. I was able to convert into the pro version with ease.

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