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    Denise Render

    what is debounce? how do you find and use? thanks

    Merry Christmas!


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    Deb Nelson

    Hello Denise,

    I am a music teacher and use MyTalkTools in my Center School for students with severe disabilities in every lesson as a universal device to facilitate teaching and assessment.  Because of my students touching a picture multiple times if I had chained child boards together I would then have to bring the board back to the correct part.  If it was only a single cell that was touched repeatedly the sound would stutter or we would have to wait for the device to say or sound whatever the file was multiple times.  Students with autism seemed to be stimming on this so I asked MyTalkTools to add a debounce feature to their program.  Currently 12-2015 updated version of MyTalkTools has it if you go into Settings and scroll down to MyTalkTools.  Then touch the word "Touch."  The three choices you'll see will help you shape the app's response to touch.  Slide the sliders to the left and right and test a cell until you get the touch just right for your needs.  Believe me when I fine tuned MyTalkTools my students soon stopped trying to touch the board multiple times because it wouldn't give them the effect they were used to.  

    This feature makes lining up verses or specific responses in series work well.  I'm always looking for new and unique uses for MyTalkTools.  How do you use it?

    Merry Christmas to you.  - Deb

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