Using Mytalk as a Memory Book.


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    Hi Will: 

    Great to hear from you again. When we talked last, back in August, you were having Workspace issues.  With the ever changing world of technology, today we are having some Workspace issues with some groups of customers, so it was great to read your note and find such an objective appraisal and such a great new idea.

    Thank you for the post for many reasons.  Once again I'm humbled and delighted by a member of the professional community who has met a need using MyTalk in a way I had never imagined. Thank goodness for the professional support community and for the work that you do. 

    We believe that our open framework approach is limited mostly by the imagination of those using it, and therefore not limited at all.  Each week we hear of a new way to use MyTalk, from tweaks to completely new ideas like yours.  Thank you for sharing it with us.  I wish I could think of a way for the MyTalk community to share your discovery with everyone impacted by Alzheimer's Disease.

    Those who understand our 'no-cost trial' approach will realize that my desire to make it go viral is intended to spread a wide net, but designed to find only those it will help.  The trial concept prevents us from taking money from the majority of the needles in each haystack who's lives are not changed by MyTalk.  Because every dollar is hard earned, abandonment sucks.  The fact that you know MyTalk works before your purchase is something that I like that about us.  I'm not sure the finance guys are on board!  :)

    I find myself very moved when learning of someone new who has been touched by our work.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to know that someone else dealing with Alzheimer's enjoyed a smile or a moment of security or belonging that they might not otherwise have felt?  I think that's why you wrote.  

    We exist to create quality of life moments, to break isolation, and create the possibility of engagement.  We are amazed at how we are used as a learning tool, modeling tool and now as a reminder of who we really are, even if for just a minute or so. 

    Thanks for sharing. I'm going to forward to our MyTalk social community to see if they believe it's worth forwarding.  Please keep us posted of updates to this and any other patient that gets value from our tool. And keep being creative with MyTalk!

    With my best wishes and warm regards,


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