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    Hi Buffy, what a wonderful note. Thank you for your kind words!

    CEO?  I guess that's true but I think of myself as more of a Dad, a parent like you looking for solutions. Anything we can do to break the isolation and allow them to identify what they want relieves frustration and allows them a touch of independence.

    When you say 12 pic's, do you mean on the home board?  If yes, that's a very extensive home board.  Below each of those cells are there linked or child boards? How many cells have child boards, and how deep do they go?  What about video?  Video really seems to help for modeling with Autistic kids, but it may not be relevant in your situation?  And did you know that we added Symbolstix to Workspace?

    About switching to iPod, here's a thought.  Michael has the iPad for home and school.  In that environment the iPad is sensational.  Mike has the iPhone in his pocket at all times.  You are absolutely correct about playground, McDonalds, and everywhere else where you need easy access and don't need to be conspicuous.  Make sure he has deep pockets, in the literal sense.   So you don't need to 'switch', you can compliment, but that's up to you. 

    If you do run with both devices at the same time, please remember my favorite adage, 'sync often, sync small', and do it right after you make 'on the fly' updates using Mobile.  That way you won't confuse Workspace by making different changes on both hand-held devices.  Live by that simple little adage and you'll love having it on both devices.  You can also load it to your personal iPhone if you want.  We don't limit the number of devices you can put your MyTalk content on.

    Thank you about the customer service.  It's what I enjoy most, although teaching people how to use their i-Devices has become a bit overwhelming.  But, people who have never had techy instruments are buying iPads, just to have MyTalk.  Because of that, I feel obligated to help, as fast as I am able.  We really appreciate clients who take the time to watch the tutorial videos, and search the getting started and troubleshooting area. 90% of the answers are there.

    Love to know how deep those boards are, and thanks again, you made my weekend!


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