MyTalk to access curriculum and not just language! (Deb in Florida)


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    Yup, Deb here.  Teachers of students with severe disabilities need ways to support learning.  Many of my students on the participatory level that need hand over hand support are attracted by the high quality pictures, the sound, and the movement.  One students who never seems to focus for more than a second on anything actually focused his eyes, reached for, and independently touched the iPad with a MyTalk music board.  I had just played a video of "The Star Spangled Banner" played by a saxophone player through an overhead LCD projector.  Students were asked to touch the picture of the saxophone when presented with a picture of a flute, a clarinet, and a saxophone on a MyTalk board on an iPad.  This student seemed fascinated and curious. I can't wait to develop more learning tools with MyTalk and have an action research project underway to test my theory.  I believe that more students will focus more on lessons and possibly will participate more on an independent level as in reaching for and touching the iPad to make a response.

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