Resetting RJ Cooper Switch Profile.




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    D. Nelson

    Thank you for the great pictures and details. 

    I will say that it is important to have your apps closed so that the iPad's resources are not spreac to thin.  I had trouble with the switch because I didn't know how to properly close apps.  (double click the home button and wait for the app icons to dance with a minus sign  - by touching each dancing app with a minus sign  you are closing it, not eliminating it from your device)  My switch fired right up after I closed everything! 

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    Mytalk Support

    Thanks Deb, that's a great catch.  Most people never close their apps and open apps eat up memory.  That's the highly technical definition :) but you know what I mean.  With sophisticated apps like MyTalk, that are loaded up with all of your content like photos, videos etc. we sometime challenge the memory (ram like memory) of these devices.  When you have many apps open, some that have never been closed, much of your memory is used up before you even open MyTalk. 

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